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Net10 APN Settings SOLUTION!

APN Settings for NET10 GSM (AT&T/Unlocked) phone that work! 

I recently switched to using NET10 wireless services since they use the same network as AT&T wireless, but for half the cost. After settings up my APN settings I noticed that I was not receiving MMS messages (Picture Messages). I called NET10 to troubleshoot this issue but I got no where. I was using Straight Talk before switching to NET10 and my MMS messages were coming through just fine, so I didn’t believe there would be an issue since these are both companies of parent company Tracfone. I looked for a solution in many help forums but got no where, so I decided to take it upon myself to find a working solution.

NET10 website show the following new settings on their website: 

Bad Settings


NAME             net10

APN                tfdata



MMS PORT    80

To make your GSM phone (AT&T/Unlocked) work correctly input the following settings:

Good Settings

FIELD             SETTINGS

NAME              net10

APN                 tfdata



MMS PORT     80

Please note that the MMS PROXY should be: and NOT the 

I am not sure why the settings on the NET10 website do not work. When I finally got through technical support and asked them for a solution, the technician did not have one. He ended up escalating this and opened a troubleshoot ticket. I have yet to hear back from NET10. 

This solution was compiled by testing out different APN settings from NET10’s old and new APN settings. I don’t know if NET10 will change these settings or if will ever work, but until then this solution works just fine for sending and receiving videos and picture messages. 

If you are interested in saving $ on your wireless bill, I do recommend a Prepaid service but only to a select few. It is not for everyone specially if you are a data hog. Which service is right for you? Follow us for our review on Prepaid Wireless Providers.  

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