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Tweet Lanes Update!

tweet lanes

Chris Lacy author of Tweet Lanes has released a tweet saying that he will be releasing an update of Tweet Lanes. In this new release of Tweet Lanes there will be Account drop-down menue fixes for non Galaxy Nexus phones, and Conversation view among other app updates. 

Tweet Lanes is a twitter client that gives you a pure Android and Twitter experience. It has Android ICS style which makes it a beautiful Twitter client. It has a very clean look and extremely easy to navigate. My favorite part is that it has VolScroll which allows you to use your volume up and down keys to scroll up and down your feeds.  

The update is available now. There was an issue with the deployment of the update earlier today but it should be fixed now. You can find the update on Google Play store. Chris Lacy also posted the direct link to the APK file for those who know how to install an APK onto their device:://


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