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how to block other phone numbers from calling your cell phone

Call & Messaging Blocking

For iPhone, Here is a link for blocking numbers from calling you or texting you on an iPhone: Call & Messaging Blocking

For Android, Due to its fragmented OS, and the fact that several manufacturers add custom home screens & apps to the various devices, I have attached a link from to show how to block callers on several different devices; Call Blocking on Android

Finally, if these methods do not work for you contact your cell phone carrier and request to block a number. 

For example, if your iPhone data and voice plan is currently with AT&T, contact their customer support line to request a number to be blocked.

  • Many carriers will allow you to block a significant amount of numbers. Sprint, for example, lets you block up to 50 numbers at the time of writing

My Solution to Net10 Network Issues - Old Net10 BYO

I want to share my solution for getting my Net10 GSM network problems to work. This is for issues with Connection & Picture messages. 

Several of you may have been experiencing these issues most recently and some of you that have had Net10 service for sometime are probably working just fine.

After doing my own investigation as to why my wife’s phone was still working and mine was not I discovered that it was my Net10 SIM card. Yes, my SIM card. See, before I had this issue my phone was working fine with an old sim card I was using. I recently (3 months ago by now) upgraded my phone and it needed a Micro SIM card instead of my standard SIM. So I purchased a new BYO Sim from Net10. went through the process of swapping out the SIM on my account and applied the proper APN Settings.

I did not notice that I had network issues until I was expecting a picture message. For a whole week  I was able to send messages and go online so I did not know I had a problem. Soon after I could not receive picture messages I called Net10 support. All I got from them was “Sorry, but we can not guarantee all phones will work on our network” and that is a true disclosure they have posted everywhere. But, I insisted in asking why my wife’s phone was working and not mine. I got the same answer. I kept using my phone and figured I will cancel after my months ends. 

I later bought my wife the exact same phone I had (Nexus 4). But instead of purchasing a new NET10 SIM card I cut hers up to fit in the micro sim slot. MAGIC! It worked just fine. This made me believe that it was not an issue with My hardware but an issue with NET10 SIM hardware. So I decided to test this theory.I swapped out my wife’s SIM card with mine.

look for an old NET10 BYO SIM card. I was able to find an old NET10 SIM which I transferred to my phone. Checked all the APN Settings and PRESTO! My phone worked. All picture messages, 4G network, and all began to work.

So, after my long explanation, my solution was to swap out the SIM card for a standard non-BYO SIM or use an older SIM card. I understand this my be difficult to find, but I did see stores like Walmart carrying the old SIM cards. 

I know this my not be the best solution for you,but it is one that I confirmed

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